ITAP – Development of ideas and Structure in Moving Image

Three acts structure…

Beginning             middle             end

Establish           crisis                        resolve

30:                        60:                        30

In a two-hour movie, the beginning will be made up of thirty minutes then main middle section will be an hour and the ending will take around thirty minutes on an average…

“Every movie needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.”

Jean-Luc Godard

The rule to the three acts structure is that a movie will work in a set of three, with a beginning; the Establish, this is where we meet the main character, the world is set up and the events are going to be taking place, next we get the middle; the crisis, which is where we are introduced to the problem within the plot line. Finally we get the ending, which is the Resolve, this is where everything is brought back to normal, good wins over evil, and happiness is restored. Which in a story you can have sub-stories such as a main character loving in love, this is what makes the  three acts structure and this character is called a protagonist.

I chose the movie twilight to show my understandings of the structural basis.

Act One.

–       Bella moves to forks

–       Meets Jacob and Billy black

–       She makes friends and asks about the Cullen’s

–     Edward and Bella are lab partners but he is rude and hostile

–       He doesn’t turn up for a few days

–       Bella notices his eye colours have changed

–       He saves her from being crushed by a truck with his bare hands, but later calls it an energy rush.

–       Jacob tells Bella an old Quileute story about wolves and the pale faces

–       Edward and Bella have dinner and he tells he can read minds but not hers

Act Two

–       She realizes what Edward is, and tells him so.

–       He tells her he isn’t safe but he can’t leave her alone

–       They turn up at school together

–       The Cullen’s invite Bella over to their house

–       They take her to play baseball and run into trouble

–       James has a thirst for Bella

Act Three.

–       Bella is on the run from James

–       She gets tricked into meeting him

–       James bites Bella, which will turn her into a vampire

–       Edward and family kill James

–       Edward saves Bella but sucks out the blood

–       They go to prom together

–       Jacob comes to talk to Bella about Edward, but she doesn’t listen

–       They don’t know as they dance that Victoria, James mate is watching them

–       This leads into the next movie

–       End

As you can see the story is based around the acceptance and struggle for the two main characters, but also the story is run off of the love they share and how that helps them over come the difficulties they face everyday.

Character design.

Edward Cullen


He looks like any other normal 17-year-old boy at just a glance, but he has one of character traits of the ‘vampires’, which is very pale skin tone. He also has golden eyes and this is because he belongs to the Cullen clan which only drink the blood of animals which makes them, a friendlier and more civilized version of vampire in comparison to others, this lets them walk around amongst humans when the sun isn’t shining because unlike other story’s about vampires, these vampires sparkle when the sun hits their skin. Like diamond faucets.


As the main male character role in the film Edward Cullen, is constantly in fight within himself as to stay away from Bella as we find out that her blood ‘calls’ to him, he is drawn to her, in the way he states as

“You are exactly my brand of heroin.” – Edward Cullen.

He gives into his need for Bella, but finds out that trouble is always going to be looking for them, when together.


Edward relates to the other characters in the story because half of them are his ‘family’ the Cullen’s. He is also a vampire along with them and he keeps the same safety secrets and lives the same style of life. He interacts with Bella and her friends because of Bella and he is seen as aloof and unavailable until he becomes infatuated with Bella.






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