ITAP Lecture Four – RVJ’s

Drawing, work by hand

Drawing is a way for many artists of all kinds to release a kind of pent-up set of thoughts, it’s a way of using expression within your work and to show ideas without the use of words to communicate.

Drawing are limitless as they do not need to be based on your ability to create a pretty picture but more as they can show others an understanding of your thought path, even if in very basic terms. Picasso, would draw out all of his ideas and hardly if ever use words to describe his thought path to people, he would ‘doodle’ pictures of his inventions and constantly work over and work over his ideas in that direction because for him it was a way of showing what he meant without the technical terms of wording getting in the way. He would call his work “thinking on the page” he would not describe his work in words but let the words help the viewer to understand the process in which the images are taking on.

Another more modern interpretation of this is by an artist called Andy Barnes, he uses a collaboration of photograph and graphic design within his work, but his sketchbooks are full of hand drawn images and graphics he has created along with the written word to back up his drawing but also photographs to show his ideas in a way that maybe drawings could not.

Utilise the creative brain.

What I mean by utilizing the brain is that we have two sides to our brain, the right, and left. The right side of the brain can be compared to that of a young child, it is a curious ambitious and creative thing that is always wanted to experiment and find new things. The left side of the brain compares to that of an accountant, it thinks things through, compartmentalized and analyses situations. By using both sides of the brain in equal measures we can create a well balance amount of creative yet productive work. Using the right side of the brain enables us to draw out plans and use our creative thinking to bring about new ideas and play around with plans, then taking the left side of the brain and putting the ideas into an action plan of creating the work. This can be seen here with this image showing the creative though of the right side with the pictures and the left side of the brain creating the written aspect, which has been incorporated into the images, this is a snapshot of Andy Barnes Sketchbook…




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